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Products Chemicals under the banner of CIMC entered into the field of antiviral medicine and signed a formal strategic cooperati

Industry news
2018/12/21 10:32



On the morning of May 28, the signing ceremony was held in the video conference room of the group headquarters between Zhejiang Property Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Keben Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. under the banner of Goodwill Chemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Keben Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The company officially transferred 52% of Jiangsu Keben's equity to start the layout development of the field of antiviral medicine.
Wang Tingge, Secretary and Chairman of CPC Committee, Vice Secretary of CPC Committee, Director and President Zhou Guannu, Vice President Li Jing and leaders of relevant departments, Vice Secretary Tang Xiong, Zhang Junjie, Vice Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Huang Songtao and other local party and government leaders, General Manager Yu Feipeng, Chairman Jiangsu Keben, attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Zhou Feipeng. Chief Executive Officer.
In his speech, President Wang Tingge expressed his gratitude to Qidong Municipal Committee and Municipal Government for their attention and support to this cooperation, which created a good business environment for the follow-up development of enterprises. He hoped that the Qidong Municipal Committee and the park would strictly manage the enterprises invested in the local property group, urge them to do a good job in safety and environmental protection, and upgrade the standardization level according to the standards of listed companies. At the same time, he hoped that the Qidong Municipal Committee and the municipal government would give more support and help to the enterprises under the property group within the scope of policies and laws, and hoped that the two sides would strengthen communication and negotiation and continue. Effectively promote project development and work together in more fields.
Tang Xiong, Deputy Secretary of the Qidong Municipal Party Committee, expressed sincere congratulations on the strong joint efforts of the product chemical industry and Jiangsu Copenhagen. He is full of confidence in the future development of Jiangsu Copenhagen. He believes that through this cooperation, the two countries can match their superior resources, thus speeding up the realization of mutual benefit, win-win development and growth, and at the same time contributing to the local economy. He also hoped that the Qidong Municipal Committee and the city government would deepen their cooperation with the major property groups, expand the areas of cooperation, upgrade the level of cooperation, and inject new vitality into the industrial upgrading and high-quality development of Qidong.
Zhou Guan female president hopes to strengthen top-level planning of pharmaceutical industry development, formulate long-term development goals and paths, so that both sides can better play their advantages. At the same time, she also solicits Qidong Municipal Committee and Municipal Government to give strong support to enterprises as before to help them become excellent enterprises in the industry and top enterprises in the market segmentation.